Real Time Visibility and Traceability

Intuitive SaaS Platform

Our SaaS platform is the only system capable of managing the entire logistics lifecycle. Our collection point starts at the initial packaging process. Utilizing our label serialization technology, we attach a unique QR code to each individual asset id. This architecture creates a digital twin that enables the most efficient track and trace solution possible. You are now able to track from the moment of packaging

Complete Visibility

Condition and flow data from our sensors is shared in real-time into the cloud that integrates into our visibility platform for the entire lifecycle of the supply chain. We identify excursion behaviors, providing trending insights into the integrity and compliance of assets condition during transit as they occur – allowing you to better react and prevent blind spots before occurring. Our dashboard provides an executive level overview into your pallets, your packages on those pallets, and (if desired) your products inside those packages.

Flexible, Simple Integration

Managing operational complexities and corporate metrics requires the integration of multiple platforms into your own, cohesive dashboard for optimal efficiency. Our REST APIs make integration of our platform simple.

Security and Industry Certification

Tag-N-Trac complies with the Food & Drug Administration’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirement for electronic records and electronic signatures. Additionally, we are GS1, GXP compliant. These are the highest tiers of compliance standards in the Pharmaceutical and Food industry.

Sense Stream

Sense Stream includes monitoring of vendor agnostic sensors. We provide comprehensive charting and analysis of sensor levels (temperature and humidity for example) allowing you to take correct measures when alerts exceed warning thresholds. Immediate alerting for light and opening or tampering is recorded and reported in real-time to address potential problems within the logistics chain. Sense stream could ingest any sensor data through scalable Rest APIs

We introduce location awareness and alerting related to detect diversion, loss prevention and predict time of arrival. Positioning and transport details provide a more integrated view into when and where your products were transported. By aligning alert with time and location, addressing the root cause or bad actors who may have adversely affected product is now a monitorable element in achieving comprehensive track and trace reporting.

Sense Stream grants visibility into shipments whether they are in storage warehouses, in transit through a multimodal 3PL or at the final destination using our direct to cloud data acquisition solutions.

Trace Stream

Trace Stream is the traceability management component within our platform. This is the real-time database management element where your product is initially serialized by barcode and mated to a unique sensor id. By using Trace Stream at the initial packaging/shipping layer we could implement Brand protection, regulatory compliance solutions thus eliminating the need for multi solution integration. We could ingest any GS1 serialization data from L1 to L3 and provide L4 functionality.