Location: Hyderabad, India

Company Introduction

At Tag-N-Trac, we provide full stack IoT traceability solution using custom smart labels and ultra-low power devices. We use cutting-edge technologies to enable end to end supply chain digitization.  We at the forefront of revolutionizing supply chain, warehouse, and inventory management solutions by providing real-time visibility into assets and shipments.

Our dedicated team collaborates closely with the Product team to architect and uphold cutting-edge technologies that power our core platform, customer-facing API’s, and real-time events processing tailored specifically for the challenges in the supply chain industry. We tackle compelling technical hurdles, working with data from our fleet of IoT devices and sensors to provide real-time visibility. We foster a data-centric mindset, ensuring that exceptional ideas are welcomed and considered, regardless of the source. 


  • Work closely with other developers and product managers to determine the functional requirements of the software or application and use various scripting and programming tools to develop, test, and deploy the software to QE, staging and prod environments.
  • Play a key role in source code version control efforts and ensure that the most current version of the software includes all of the necessary updates. 
  • Implement and put a process in place to do builds on demand (i.e., when a PR is issued/merged) or on scheduled intervals (e.g. nightly) and automate reporting the errors and accepting/rejecting PRs.
  • Implement CI/CD pipelines to run automated tests and integrate it with the version control PR merges.
  • Implement build scripts and optimize build times taking into account what is changed and manage the dependencies between modules.


  • Extensive familiarity with version control systems like Git and a high level of attention to detail as the build and release engineer examines changes to the source code and determines whether to incorporate them into a build.
  • Past experience and familiarity with various build scripting tools like Maven Archetypes, Ruby App templates, Py Builder, Gradle etc.
  • Strong knowledge of software development fundamentals, including relevant background in computer science fundamentals, distributed systems, data storage, and agile development methodologies.
  • You are self starter, a quick learner and be able to work in fast paced start-up environment.
  • You are excited by the prospect of working in a distributed team and company, working with teammates across the globe.
  • Analytical thinking and the ability to trouble shoot and resolve the issues in a timely manner.


  • Bachelor's or master's degree in computer science or equivalent.
  • 3+ years of experience as a Build/Release engineer and are familiar with how builds are done for various programming languages (e.g. Ruby, Java, React etc.) based components.

Nice To Haves

  • Past experience as a software developer
  • Past experience in a start-up environment


To apply, send your resume to: [email protected]