Location: San Diego, CA USA

Company Introduction

Tag-n-Trac Inc. is a San Diego-based IoT start-up focused on real-time transportation visibility and traceability platform. We successfully raised the seed round and well on our way to close the next round. Currently, we are providing multiple solutions to global fortune 500 companies to digitally transform their supply chain and logistics. In order to continue our growth story, we are looking for exceptional talent to join us. 

About the job

Tag-N-Trac’s Software Engineering group is renowned for its work in user experience, integration, and functionality. It's a critical component of Tag-N-Trac ecosystem and one that continues to break new ground every day! This kind of success has been the result of very skilled people working in an environment which fosters creativity, cooperation, and the solving of old problems in new ways. If that sounds like the kind of place that you find intriguing, then this may be the place for you!

Job Description

Within the Software Engineering group, the Software Delivery team is charged with the creation and care of the technology which underlies Software Engineering's build infrastructure. We are looking for project manager who can thrive in a fast-paced workplace where both individual drive and team collaboration are the keys to success. The ideal candidate can act as a full partner with a small and diverse group of internal and external teams to ensure the continued evolution of platform. A firm grasp of the fundamentals of project management is important, but there is more of importance than just the typical skill set. The team focuses on external partner ecosystem integration efforts and acts not only in the best interest of the services under their care but are expected to always keep in mind what is best for the enterprise customers, the organization, and the company. As an empowered member of SD, you will facilitate resolution of conflicts between equally passionate groups considering these perspectives and pursue the solution until its end. Systems of this scope are complex, so you will not only be expected to be able to readily understand complicated and subtle interdependencies, but also to evaluate new requests and new information in light of how it affects or is affected by those systems. Being able to think on your feet is critical, as is the ability to productively debate the validity of a given approach to any aspect of a project under your control. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are must-haves for any candidate. Being a self-starter with a strong sense of responsibility and ownership is also important as the team is looking for the kind of person who can dive right into a problem and get it taken care of without having to be asked to do so. As a member of the SD team, you will be helping to care for a system that serves the passions and needs of many tens of customers in an increasingly service-dependent world, so we're looking for somebody who can be equally passionate.

Key Qualifications

  • BS in comp sc with MBA preferred
  • Strong background in the IoT Cloud services space.
  • Fluent in software development processes (SDLC)
  • Experience with infrastructure-focused projects (i.e. networks, services, APIs, etc.)
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proven ability to work effectively with multiple stakeholders across a variety of business units.
  • Self-motivated and proactive with demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities
  • Ability to organize and participate in requirements or design brainstorming sessions
  • Experience managing multiple complex projects simultaneously

Additional Requirements

  • 10 yrs of experience with proven leadership skills to manage and build teams
  • Background in IoT SaaS services.
  • Demonstrated ability to organize and manage rapid coordinated response efforts.
  • Great attention to detail, should be able to prepare board presentable crisp program risk and mitigation plans


To apply, send your resume to: [email protected]