Company Introduction

Tag-n-Trac Inc. is San Diego-based IoT start-up focused on real-time transportation visibility and traceability platform. We successfully raised the seed round and well on our way to close the next round. Currently, we are providing multiple solutions to global fortune 500 companies to digitally transform their supply chain and logistics. In order to continue our growth story, we are looking for exceptional talent to join us. 

About the job

Tag-N-Trac is looking for a firmware developer whose primary responsibility will be to create the complete firmware for IoT sensor devices. 

Job Description

You will be working with other engineers—some of whom are creating the hardware platform, and others who are writing server-side and mobile app interfaces for the device—who will cooperate with you in determining the architecture and constraints of the project. Ideal candidates will have excellent skills in collaborative problem solving, the willingness to overcome hardware constraints, and the internal drive to create quality products. 

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Analyze the project and participate in multi-way discussions with hardware designers and server-side and mobile app developers to familiarize yourself with the product.
  • Design, build and test efficient, high-quality embedded code.
  • Ensure the robustness of the code in the face of heavy-duty hardware use.
  • Ensure the robustness and security of wireless communication with other devices
  • Ensure that the firmware is as protected and tamper-proof as the hardware platform can provide.
  • Collaborate on the design of future revisions of the product.


  • Strong experience with ARM-based microcontrollers from the cortex family
  • Strong knowledge of the C programming language in an embedded software context
  • Experience interfacing with Bluetooth 5.0 chipsets, LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT modules
  • Experience with I2C communication
  • Experience with low-power design and advanced sleep modes
  • Experience interfacing with small LED devices, Passive sensors
  • Familiarity with using additional sensors, such as accelerometers, Temperature and Pressure sensors.
  • Understanding of underlying electronics to the point where it influences firmware development and debugging
  • A knack for benchmarking and optimization
  • Familiarity with source control tools such as Git


To apply, send your resume to: [email protected]